Orphan Outreach shares gifts, surprises

(Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

Guatemala (MNN) — A missionary couple is saving girls from a future of prostitution and alcohol in Guatemala.

“Mi Especial Tesoro,” or “My Special Treasure,” is home to 16 girls rescued from the streets of Chimaltenango. Operated by a missionary couple, Mi Especial Tesoro provides protection, education, health care, and the teaching of God’s Word.

In recent days, an Orphan Outreach team provided Christmas joy and surprises. While team members shared Christ’s love at a Christmas party for the girls and their missionary family, Executive Director Mike Douris broke the big news.

“Orphan Outreach is going to lead the effort to build [a] new campus,” Douris states.

Plans to give the girls more space and a stable environment have been in the works for two years.

“We’ve been doing needs assessments and cost analysis, and it was going to be very expensive to move these girls to another home,” Douris explains.

“As it turns out, another ministry actually closed down and…they’re giving a portion of their land to Mi Especial Tesoro.”

Douris says this development is an answer to two years of prayer.

(Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

“It’s going to be a tremendous blessing and provide a consistent home for these girls, so they don’t have to rent a facility that’s not adequate, and to have a facility that they can grow up and glorify the Lord through their lives,” he says.

But, prayer is still needed. The process to design and build a new home will take approximately a year-and-a-half.

“As we go through the planning, pray for Daveed, our architect that works with Orphan Outreach, and designing the plans; and for our fundraising,” Douris requests.

“Pray that the Lord provides the resources that we need to build this permanent home for these very special girls.”

Learn more about Mi Especial Tesoro here.

Carol and Cesar Eguizabel care for 16 girls at Mi Especial Tesoro.  (Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

Carol and Cesar Eguizabel care for 16 girls at Mi Especial Tesoro.
(Image courtesy Orphan Outreach)

You can also pray for the missionary couple who run this home. Missionaries Cesar and Carol Eguizabel care for the teens and young girls who call Mi Especial Tesoro “home.” Cesar recently discovered he has diabetes and is struggling with his health.

Ask the Lord to ease his discomfort. Pray for victory in this health struggle.

Orphan Outreach works alongside Guatemalan nationals to serve children in extreme poverty situations. They provide support and bring short-term mission teams to work side-by-side with local orphanages, churches and Christian schools.

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One of Orphan Outreach’s newer ministries, the Ravine School, actually began after Cesar and Carol brought the girls to a nearby dumb to teach them about modeling the Lord’s servant heart.

“We are so happy because this was a dream last year, and now it has become a reality,” Cesar told writer Katelyn McWilliams.

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