Yogi Divine Society of NJ

Yogi Divine Society (YDS) is a phenomenon that transforms humans into super-humans by developing quality of life, integrity in character and piety in behavior. Physically, it is a socio-religious organization based on the principles of the Swaminarayan religion. The society is named after H.D. Swami’s guru; Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj. The name essentially signifies a society dwelling in the divinity envisaged by Yogiji Maharaj. The activities are carried out under the inspirational guidance of Swami according to the ethos and principles set forth by Lord Swaminarayan. The society is structured to make every activity, independent of its nature, develop the member to supreme manifestation.

Website: yds.org
Email: mahendra.ray@yds.org
Address: 140 Lincoln Avenue
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 7034