Uptown Shelter

The mission of the Uptown Shelter is to care for people who are homeless and to provide them opportunities to rebuild their lives. Founded in 1985, the Uptown Shelter serves the homeless men of Charlotte, North Carolina. The target population of the Uptown Shelter is adult homeless men, 18 years of age and older who need shelter, food and a secure place to stay. These men must be able to meet their own personal care needs and be clean and sober. The Shelter provides emergency services to men from diverse ethnic backgrounds and varied socio-economic situations. The number of beds for homeless men was 188 in 1990 and then increased to 200 in 1993. In 2004, we increased our overflow capacity to 55, bringing our total capacity to 255 clients.

Website: uptownshelter.org
Email: adambarrington@uptownshelter.org
Address: P.O. Box 36471
Charlotte, NC 28236