TIME Ministries

TIME Ministries originated in 1968 when a group of young people from the US spent a week during their Christmas vacation in the village of Pueblo Nuevo, just outside of Monterrey in Mexico. At that point, the ministry was called Teenage Institute of Missionary Evangelism. However, because so many of the participants in subsequent years were adults the name was changed to The Institute of Missionary Evangelism and is now known simply as TIME Ministries. After much growth, the base was moved into the urban environment of the intercity of Monterrey during the 80’s. In 1991, a site was opened in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. From 1995 to 2001 we took groups to the western Mexico city of Heramoseo. In 2005, we started a base in Alemaco, Mexico that moved in 2007 into the nearby town of Queretaro. In 2006, we started a site in the largely Hispanic area of east Dallas, TX.

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