The Ohio Masonic Home

The Ohio Masonic Home is dedicated to providing both financial and consultative support to its affiliated subsidiaries, to provide the highest quality of service through expansion of our Springfield campus, and growth through affiliation and service development in other parts of the state. This is driven by our local five-county area and to the statewide Masonic fraternity. The cornerstone of The Home’s first building, Bushnell, was laid in 1892 and the first resident was admitted in 1895. Since 1895 more than 10,000 elderly Masons, their wives and widows have been served by The Home. The Home’s hallmark tradition of care, concern and compassion for all in the name of Ohio Freemasonry is exemplified at the Springfield, Waterville and Medina campuses.

Address: P.O. Box 120
Springfield, OH 45501