Swaner Nature Preserve

Swaner Nature Preserve (SNP) is dedicated to the preservation of land that, over time, has been a site and home for complex ecosystems. SNP advocates preservation of the wetland and its inhabitants, environmental education for community individuals and groups, and nurturing of the wetland through restoration in order to conserve its natural resources for future generations. SNP includes over 1,200 acres of critical habitat, consisting of wetland, lowland, upland, and stream habitat, providing a home to over 40 wildlife species and numerous plant species. By rebuilding stream corridors, reintroducing native flora, and permitting only low-impact activities, SNP is nurturing the land back to its natural state, undoing the damage of 130 years of agricultural practices.

Website: swanernaturepreserve.org
Address: 6598 Glenwild Drive
Park City, UT 84098