Peoria Rescue Ministries

Peoria Rescue Ministries provides faith-based ministry through the Peoria Rescue Mission, Victory Acres, Women’s Pregnancy Center, Barnabas Center, or International Outreach. The Peoria Rescue Mission exists to reach homeless and needy men with the gospel of Christ, while providing for their physical needs with food, clothing and shelter. Victory Acres provides men a program designed to teach them to consistently walk with Christ and to develop basic life skills needed to rejoin society as responsible Christian men. The Barnabas Center fulfills a need for biblical counseling. The Women’s Pregnancy Center is a Christian, pro-life ministry existing for the purpose of presenting the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Our International ministries supports the work of the gospel in Latvia and Ukraine in the former Soviet Union.

Address: P.O. Box 822
Peoria, IL 61652