Oregon Historical Society

Founded nearly 105 years ago, the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) maintains a regional research library and a collection of historical artifacts. The OHS artifacts collection comprises over 85,000 artifacts, including ancient objects from the earliest settlements, and objects that illustrate exploration in the Oregon Country, the growth of business and industry, the development of artwork and crafts, and maritime history, among many other topics. The OHS Research Library contains one of the country’s most extensive collections of state history materials, including approximately 25,000 maps, 30,000 books, 8.5 million feet of film and videotape, 16,000 rolls of microfilm and 12,000 linear feet of documents. The OHS education program actively engages in educational outreach throughout the state of Oregon.

Website: ohs.org
Address: 1200 Southwest Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205