One4Another International

One4Another is a registered charity founded in 2012 by siblings Glenn Pascoe  and Wendy Hayhoe from Cambridge and Kitchener, Ontario.

They created the organization after spending time as volunteers in Uganda knowing that they couldn’t come back to Canada without ‘doing something‘ about the great disparity of wealth that exists in the world.

[ads-quote-center cite=’Glenn Pascoe’]We’re motivated by the example of Jesus whose focus was on loving one another and in particular those experiencing poverty and children. Our faith, together with seeing the living conditions of many in Uganda, moved us to act. Witnessing their suffering prompted an ethical moment: we could either carry on and become desensitized or allow it in, to get a hold of us, and ground us in a deep sense of purpose. We’re wired to ‘feel’ into each others’ lives which is why we see a person hurt themself and we find ourselves wincing. Realizing that we had the power to alleviate the suffering of kids in Uganda not doing something would have been detrimental to our own well-being. And, while we are the one’s helping, the O4A kids give us strength to face our own struggles. So, we decided to call ourselves, One4Another, which began by facilitating operations for 6 kids in 2012 and now we’re operating on upwards of 10-15 kids per month. It’s still pretty small but due to your support we’re moving in the right direction![/ads-quote-center]