Buckner Children and Family Services

When Buckner was established as an orphanage in 1879, its purpose was for the “care, custody, treatment, maintenance and education” of “underprivileged, destitute, dependent, neglected and needy children.” Today, 125 years after R.C. Buckner founded Buckner Orphans Home in Dallas, the primary goal of Buckner Children and Family Services is still to strengthen individuals and families. Located across Texas, Buckner offers services ranging from parenting classes for incarcerated women to residential treatment for abused and neglected children to extensive non-residential services in surrounding communities. By meeting the basic mental, spiritual and physical needs of each child and family, Buckner offers love and hope to those who need help.

Website: bucknerchildren.org
Email: childrenfamily@buckner.org
Address: 600 North Pearl Street Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75201