Animal Sanctuary of the United States

Animal Sanctuary of the United States (ASUS) is an organization caring for a variety of unwanted, abused or neglected animals. The sanctuary provides quality lifetime care and housing to hundreds of displaced big cats, wolves, bears, non-human primates, domestic and feral cats, birds, and hoof stock. Because such a wide variety of animals are being cared for by this organization, the sanctuary has been separated into species-specific divisions: Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO); Primate Sanctuary of America (PSA); Chimp-Aid; and Cat Haven & Feral Cat Rehab Center. Founded in 1983, the sanctuary utilizes 112 acres. Of these 112 acres, 102 are heavily treed and secluded and house the majority of the animals who call the ASUS home.

Address: P.O. Box 690422
San Antonio, TX 78269