Nyansakia Fellowship Church

We support needy orphans and reach the poor in our community with the gospel of God.

Dear beloved servant of God,

Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer.

We are a group of Christians,who gather together for fellowship to praise and worship God. I am writing you from Kenya (Africa) our ministry’s aim is to preach the true and pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since we do not have enough resources to make the work of God expand and reach the many people who have not been reached by the Gospel ,It is my humble request and prayer that you may give us moral support of both physical and spiritual to enable us reach and restore our dear sisters and brothers who have not been reached by these good news.We need you to be our spiritual parent.

Humbly and Kindly if our almighty God would allow you and open your hearts, we are attached in this work you are doing in the lord for building God’s bridge to enter the Kingdom, to unite one spirit with you and further the Kingdom.Hope to hear from you.

Pastor Adrian Matongo

  • adrianmatongo@yahoo.com

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