New courses to reach prisoners

Photo by CBI

(Photo by CBI)

USA (MNN) — New courses at Crossroad Bible Institute are being offered in the reentry program.

Through partnerships with nearly 1,500 reentry agencies, Crossroad Bible Institute staff helps thousands of men and women access the resources they need for success after imprisonment. This service is available to all returners and is free of charge.

Areas of assistance common to the program include access to housing, employment, job preparation, community support, rehab centers, and surrounding churches.

CBI offers three tiers of discipleship courses for students in order to prepare them for reentry. Tier 1 goes through the Biblical Foundation Series and focuses on great truths of the Bible and a survey of the Bible.

What’s new? In addition to the third and final tier of study, research, and academic arm of CBI, Center for Advanced Studies has made significant progress on the new Tier 2 Five-Star Reentry Formation Program which will includes courses on the Christian work ethic, financial stewardship, family values, addiction recovery, and community involvement.

Two of the new Five-Star Reentry courses, All Work Is God’s Work and It All Belongs to God, were completed this year and will be designed and piloted in the coming months.

Students, teachers, and staff are looking forward to the new program that will teach practical and foundational principles for biblical living.

The Center also produced other resources aimed at providing practical guidance for churches, reentry agencies, prison ministries, and the general public. The Seven Secrets for Success in the Work-place leader’s manual was released this year and was piloted by prison chaplains and reentry agencies.

CBI president Dr. David Schuringa also completed work on his newest book, Seven Secrets for Kicking the Habit, which can be found on CBI’s Web site.

How can you get involved? CBI encourages those who want to get involved to become a CBI instructor, volunteer, recruit a CBI student, attend a seminar, or visit the Crossroad Inmate Art Gallery. You can also help financially here.

Pray that the new courses would continue to advance the Gospel and give churches a heart to help those in prison.