Muslim mob murders Christian woman

Mary Sameh George murdered by Muslim mob in Egypt (photo by

Mary Sameh George murdered by Muslim mob in Egypt. (Photo by

Egypt (MNN) — Muslim Brotherhood radicals are being blamed for the horrific murder of a 25-year-old Christian woman in Egypt. According to reports, Mary Sameh George was in a suburb of Cairo delivering medicine to an elderly woman near a church when the attack took place.

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs tells Mission Network News that she “literally was dragged out of her car by a mob of radical Muslims. They had just left the Mosque after Friday prayers in a suburb of Cairo. Their prayer service had been generating some anger.”

One report indicated the woman had a cross in her possession. “The mob started banging on her car. [They] eventually climbed up on top of the car. The roof began to collapse. Then they dragged her out and beat her and stabbed her until she was dead.”

The message this attack is sending to the world is obvious, says Nettleton. “Radical factions of Islam are still very strong in Egypt and are still vying to have control or to have influence in the country.”

The Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed in Egypt before the revolution. With elections approaching, Nettleton says, “This is really going to be a challenge for whoever the new leader is to get the Muslim Brotherhood under control and to really provide law and order and to provide protection for Egypt minorities including our Christian brothers and sisters.”

While you may not be able to do anything about this case which is getting limited attention in Egypt, you can make a difference through prayer and supporting the work of VOM. “Voice of the Martyrs is involved in distributing Bibles there and supporting the church there. We also have been involved through VOM medical in providing medical care for Christians who are attacked, like this one.”

Some Muslims refuse to treat Christians who are injured. This VOM safety net gets Christians the treatment they need to survive and recover.

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