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A Place Called Home

Founded in 1993, A Place Called Home works to provide at-risk youth with a secure, positive family environment where they can regain hope and belief, earn trust and self respect and learn skills to lead a productive lifestyle free of the gangs, drugs and poverty that surround them. We are in the business of making … Read more

A-HOPE Foundation

A-HOPE Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004. Our Mission is to provide deserving student athletes a seamless process of obtaining a student visa, transportation to the United States, making sure they are acclimated to their new environment and providing them with an opportunity to receive an outstanding education.

A.G.C. – All God’s Children

MISSION The purpose of All God’s Children (AGC) is sponsorship of abandoned, orphaned children primarily in third world countries. Initial efforts have been in support of a Christian children’s home in Honduras, known as Hogar De Ninos Nazareth. AGC provides operating support to orphanages in Honduras, including monetary aid for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, … Read more

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute was organized to keep alive the spirit of the man whose name it bears, functioning in his area of primary concern – the exploration of the link between nonviolence and social change. A.J. Muste always met the challenge of the present in a direct way, and was exhilarated by the … Read more

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries on the roads. Since 1947, the Foundation has funded over 110 research projects designed to discover the causes of traffic crashes, prevent them, and minimize injuries when they do occur. We have used this research to develop dozens of focused, high-impact … Read more

Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center

The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC) was established in 1991 to focus on the basic science of AIDS and HIV in a research environment conducive to the highest level of scientific creativity. The ADARC was established as a joint venture of the Aaron Diamond Foundation and the Department of Health of the City of … Read more

AARP Foundation

The AARP Foundation is the Association’s affiliated charity. Foundation programs provide security, protection and empowerment for older persons in need.

AAUW Educational Foundation

Founded in 1958, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation provides funds to advance education, research, and self-development for women and to foster equity and positive societal change. The Foundation supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions … Read more

Abyssinian Development Corporation

The mission of the Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC), founded in 1986, is to improve the quality of life in Harlem by increasing the availability of quality housing to people of diverse incomes; enhancing the delivery of social services, particularly to the homeless, elderly, families and children; fostering economic revitalization; and enhancing educational and developmental opportunities … Read more

Academy Foundation

The Academy Foundation was established in 1944, with the purpose of organizing and overseeing the educational and cultural activities of the motion picture industry, including the preservation of its history and the promotion of its future. The Academy foundation provides rotating exhibitions on motion picture history and contemporary filmmaking, featuring photographs, paintings, drawings, sketches, animation … Read more

Academy of Achievement

For more than 40 years, the Academy of Achievement has sparked the imagination of students across America and around the globe by bringing them into direct personal contact with the greatest thinkers and achievers of the age. The annual International Achievement Summit has provided thousands of outstanding students with an unforgettable, life changing experience. Since … Read more

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, a fine art painter who had accepted the position of Creative Director for Sunset Magazine. Assisted by his wife, Mrs. Clara Stephens, he opened the new school in a rented loft at 215 Kearny Street to teach advertising art. … Read more

Academy of Vocal Arts

Founded in 1933, the Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA) is the only tuition-free institution dedicated exclusively to the study of voice. The AVA works to provide vocal and opera training of the highest quality to exceptionally talented and committed young singers who have the potential for international stature, and to present them in professional performances … Read more

Access Fund

Since 1990, the Access Fund has been the only national advocacy organization that keeps climbing areas open and conserves the climbing environment. The Access Fund supports and represents over 1.6 million climbers nationwide in all forms of climbing; rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and bouldering. Five core programs support the mission on national and local … Read more

ACCION Chicago

ACCION Chicago is an alternative lending organization dedicated to providing credit and other business services to small business owners who do not have access to traditional sources of financing. By encouraging the economic self-reliance of microentrepreneurs throughout the Chicagoland area, ACCION Chicago strives to help businesses and communities grow. Many of our clients do not … Read more

ACCION International

ACCION International gives people the tools they need to work their way out of poverty. By providing “micro” loans and business training to poor women and men who start their own businesses, ACCION’s partner lending organizations help people work their own way up the economic ladder, with dignity and pride. ACCION International was founded in … Read more

ACCION New Mexico

ACCION New Mexico works to increase access to business credit, loans, and training which enable emerging entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and be catalysts for positive economic and social change. With its first loan awarded in 1994, ACCION New Mexico is dedicated to forming partnerships with entrepreneurs based on shared, calculated risks, individual responsibility, mutual … Read more


Launched in 1991, ACCION New York is an associate of ACCION International, an international organization dedicated to helping microentrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing small loans and business training. ACCION New York is committed to working with self-employed individuals who lack access to traditional forms of business credit. By providing credit and other support services … Read more

Achievement Centers for Children

The Achievement Center for Children (ACC) works to join with children with disabilities and their families to strengthen abilities and create opportunities for lifelong participation in all aspects of society. Since 1940, the ACC has helped thousands of children with disabilities and their families, with innovative, high-quality programs and services. The family works in partnership … Read more


Since its beginning in 1974, ACMC (Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment) has helped thousands of churches and individuals of nearly every background to mobilize for strategic involvement in world evangelization. ACMC is a network of local churches, individuals, and organizations committed to seeing every church comprehend and embrace the biblical mandate of the Great Commission. … Read more

Action Against Hunger-USA

Action Against Hunger-USA, established in 1985, is part of Action Against Hunger (AAH) an international organization that was created in Paris in 1979 and is comprised of an interdependent international network. AAH works to save lives by combating hunger, malnutrition, physical suffering and the associated distress that endanger the lives of children, women, and men … Read more

Action in the Community Through Service

Action in the Community through Service (ACTS) works to alleviate hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence, and help people achieve self-support in the Prince William Area. Founded in 1969, ACTS serves 330,110 residents of Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park, Virginia. Supported by 70 faith-based organizations as well as local businesses, civic groups and concerned … Read more

Action International Ministries

Action International Ministries (ACTION) is a global mission agency committed to sending multi-national missionaries who treasure Jesus Christ and minister His Gospel in word and deed, primarily to the poor. Our three-prong strategy for urban ministry can be defined under three headings: evangelism, discipleship, and development. The mission currently has over 250 missionaries (and many … Read more

Action on Smoking and Health

For more than 36 years, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has served as the legal action arm of the nonsmoking community, bringing or joining in legal actions concerning smoking, and insuring that the voice of the nonsmoker is heard. ASH’s mission is to: protect nonsmokers from the clearly-established dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke; reduce … Read more

Action, Inc.

Action, Inc. helps individuals and families in poverty achieve economic security and family stability. We provide access to opportunities through advocacy, a wide range of program service resources, and education and training to assist people in the process of self help. Our services include advocacy and housing, our Compass Youth Program, elder homecare, employment and … Read more

ActionAid International USA

ActionAid International USA’s (AAI USA’s) mission is to create change on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised worldwide. In so doing, AAI USA advocates reforms that speak directly to decision-makers on key policies such as poverty reduction, trade, education, agriculture, and the expenditure of federal, IMF, and World Bank funds. Much of AAI USA’s work … Read more

Acton Institute

Founded in April, 1990 the Acton Institute looks to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. The Institute’s direction recognizes the benefits of a limited government, but also the beneficent consequences of a free market. It embraces an objective framework of moral values, but also recognizes and … Read more

Actors and Others for Animals

Actors and Others for Animals, established in 1971, is a Southern California community based animal welfare organization serving the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties. We are dedicated to the promotion of the humane treatment of animals. Our main mission is to curb the pet overpopulation problem by subsidizing spay/neuter surgeries. Together with other … Read more

Actors Theatre of Louisville

Founded in 1964, Actors Theatre of Louisville provides insight into the human experience through live theatre that invigorates minds and emotions. The company leads the American theatre in the creation of new plays and innovative re-imagining of the classics. For over 25 years, it has been a major force in revitalizing American playwriting, and its … Read more

Actors’ Fund of America

The Actors’ Fund of America, founded in 1882, provides for the social welfare of all entertainment professionals–designers, writers, sound technicians, musicians, dancers, administrators, directors, film editors, stagehands–as well as actors. Professionals in film, television, radio, theatre, dance and music all turn to The Actors’ Fund in times of need. Headquarters and The Aurora Residence are … Read more