Without the great work of all our volunteers dedicating their time to help us, it wouldn’t be possible for us to complete our mission. Because of the volunteers, we have made big changes not just here at the orphanage but also around Vellatur including the nearby tribal village where the dedicated volunteers have donated to help create toilet facilities for the many people there. This page is dedicated to the hard work of all the volunteers we have received that have given so much to our mission for the rural people of India. Words cannot express our thanks at the great work done by them and we deeply appreciate all their hard work, our volunteers are the Proactive World Changers of Today.

We require teachers of all subjects, though especially English, doctors, nurses, dentists, computer operators, electricians, builders, professionals with knowledge in agriculture, veterinaries, carpenters and builders to name but a few. If you are gifted with a special skill such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, painting etc, or even if you would just like to help us care for the children or elderly people then we would warmly welcome you here.


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