Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Mission Network News.

Merry Christmas from Mission Network News.

International (MNN) — As we look around the world today, we can’t help but see trouble on every side. The trouble reminds us of sin. It reminds us that there is good and evil. But, there is a Light.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, we see ISIS torturing Christians. We see Boko Haram burning churches, kidnapping girls, and forcing Christians out of their homes. We see nation against nation–Ukraine and Russia. We even see nations fighting among themselves. As we see these world events, there is an answer for all of them: the Christ, born in Bethlehem so long ago.

But, that wasn’t the end of the story. Jesus didn’t come just to be born. He lived and then died for our sins. This Savior of the world became our Savior because He suffered, bled, and died for our sins–sins like those mentioned above.

At Christmas, we celebrate the most important birth in world history–the birth that literally changed the world. It gives hope to the hopeless. It gives life to the dead. It’s the answer for all questions. It’s God’s perfect plan.

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