Literacy begins before school

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Today is International Literacy Day!

In eastern Burundi, an initial reading assessment of 560 school children revealed that only 26 percent of second graders are able to read and differentiate consonants from vowels.

For some children, this is changing. Mugisha, a five-year-old first grader, is one of them. He knew how to write and read before he started primary school, thanks to World Vision.

“Hey, Cynthia, guess! What is this letter written like this? Look!” 5-year-old Mugisha says to his older sister.

Marie, Mugisha’s mother, still remembers how her son learned to write and read: by repeating what he learned in a World Vision reading camp. It was also by giving puzzles to his sister Cynthia, who had already started primary school. Mugisha wrote in the air, using his small and short index finger, and asked his sister to guess which letters he was writing, Mugisha’s mother recounts.


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