Light a candle, plant a tree

Post Summary: 

After the World Vision Bloggers’ first day in Armenia—visiting Etchmiatsin Cathedral and the genocide memorial—Addie Zierman reflects on the ways in which we bear witness to tragedy and poverty, and how we can respond to suffering.

This morning, I lit candles in the Church of St. Etchmiatsin—the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The oldest cathedral (according to Wikipedia) in the world.

The sanctuary was under construction. The whole place smelled of sawdust and paint, and men climbed on high ladders, banging around in the ancient rafters of this old place of worship. At the altar, a large tapestry hung heavy with the scene of Gregory the Illuminator receiving a vision: Christ descending from the clouds with a golden hammer, telling him where to build the church.


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