LIFT Rural Development Welfare Society

LIFT Rural Development Welfare Society is a non profit, charitable society, started in 2003 to improve the living conditions of orphans, disabled and destitute people in rural, tribal and slum areas in India.

LIFT RDWS envisages a society driven by values where every child, family and the community realizes life in all its fullness. To enrich the quality of life of rural, and tribal people through strengthen the Self Help Groups. To solve the problem of rural poverty grass root planning is must. When we talk of grass root planning the basic foundation of poverty reduction programme is proper identification of the poor on a grass root level and should be treated as a continuing process that periodically tracks the situation of the poor so that a clear picture will emerge as to the likely demand for providing wage employment as well as self employment. There is a need to prepare family-wise livelihood plans and need to ensure an up gradation of skills to improve earning capacity. This can be done in two ways, either by providing skills and tools to wage earners or by providing those skills to move out of wage employment into small livelihoods.

It will bring social benefits in terms of improved work for participation arising out of skill development, reduced and disguised unemployment, migration of workers from low wage areas to growth pole areas, improved literacy health conditions and improved infrastructure etc.

LIFT RDWS purses through integrated technological, developmental and organizational approach towards community development. We have dedicated for creating equal opportunities in our society with preservation of regional and cultural traditions. Explicitly we work for the prosperity of rural, urban and tribal people through integrated approach which promotes awareness, education, economic, health, sanitation, capacity building and bio-diversity programs with an insistence on women and youth empowerment and formers cooperative movement.

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