Labor of love

Post Summary: 

Tlangnunthang was once a poor casual laborer in India with no steady income and a grim future, but now he has become a successful rubber entrepreneur, earning a sustainable income and dreaming big.

Aim to help him generate a sustainable income, World Vision gave him 200 rubber tree saplings, which have enabled his family to have access to good food, health, and education. And two of his children are sponsored through World Vision!

Tlangnunthang distinctly remembers the days when he had to go to work with griping hunger pains in his stomach.

“Poverty deprived me of my basic needs to food, clothing, education. This thought played on my mind every minute, every hour,” he says.

Life got harder when Tlangnunthang started a family of his own. Being a high school dropout, he was unable to find a decent job and had no steady income. Woodcutting, picking up stones, or repairing vehicles, Tlangnunthang took any job he could find to support his family.


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