Kingdom expansion: Part Four

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Bangladesh (MNN) — You’ve heard a lot about the Living Water Center this week. Today, we’re concluding our mini-series featuring God’s Kingdom expansion in Bangladesh with three easy ways you can get involved.

To start, Joe Handley of Asian Access (A2) explains why we’ve spent so much time highlighting the Living Water Center.

“The work of the Lord in Bangladesh is critical,” Handley states. “They’re facing significant pressure, being a Muslim-dominant society, but in that pressure we’re seeing the Church grow rapidly.”

Persecution’s role in Kingdom expansion

Bangladesh may not get into the persecution headlines as often as Afghanistan, perhaps, but the fact remains it’s #48 on the Open Doors World Watch List. Of the country’s 156 million people, only about 800,000 follow Christ.

“The time has come,” says Peter Mazumder, the visionary behind this Living Water Center and general secretary of InterVarsity Bangladesh.

“89% [of] persons need to hear the Gospel, so more laborers are needed who will commit their life to the Lord.”

Kingdom expansion: Living Water Center

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When it’s finished, the $600,000 USD Living Water Center will advance God’s Kingdom in multiple ways: pastoral training, Bible translation, college ministry, community outreach, and more.

Even though there’s little more than foundations in-place right now, believers are already using the training center for Gospel work.

“Wycliffe has already held training there; it’s really quite amazing to see what God’s doing, even though the buildings aren’t built in [their] entirety,” says Handley.

“What’s happening through this is powerful. Lives are being changed, churches are being planted…and the Kingdom is impacting communities.”

It’s hard to put the impact this training center will have into words. One thing is certain though: it is expanding the Kingdom.

“Whether it’s InterVarsity and student ministry, Asian Access and pastors, [or] Wycliffe Bible Translators for getting the Word of God into the mother tongues of these languages: having a training center like the Living Water Center is crucial for the work of the Kingdom,” Handley says.

Handley then shares three easy ways you can help A2 and InterVarsity finish the Living Water Center:

  1. Pray
  2. Give
  3. Go
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“This is a crucial season for the Gospel’s advance, and as it grows, they need leadership training. So, pray for Asian Access,” asks Handley.

“[Secondly,] we need to raise a lot of money [as] this Living Water Center is so crucial for the needs of the country.”

You can contact A2 here for specifics on each of the action points listed above.

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