Kids ministry celebrates 6th anniversary

SAT-7 host with sheep on With Jesus show. (SAT-7 photo)

SAT-7 host with sheep on With Jesus show. (SAT-7 photo)

Middle East (MNN/SAT7) — SAT-7 Kids is celebrating a milestone. According to ministry leaders, the channel has been on the air now for six years.

With Jesus is the latest live program to debut on SAT-7 KIDS. A colorful set, musical cast, and unique segments bring the program to life. Why? Because it’s a live program.

Viewers can call the studio. Some of their prayer requests make one wonder about what place childhood has in Egypt, where the show is produced. Kids often mention that they’re afraid of gunfire and death as they see it daily on the news. With Jesus creates a safe and fun place for them to experience childhood.

So far, episodes have taught kids How Not to Fear and God is My Friend. An episode entitled I Am Special told children, “If you have no parents or friends, you can go to Jesus.”

A unique segment draws the viewers into Bible stories. One episode features an actor playing the part of Joseph from the Bible. Joseph calls the studio on Skype from his home out in the desert. Producer Mounir Zakhary says this segment adds value to the show because “you feel you are in the moment.”


Screen shot of SAT-7’s With Jesus program. (SAT-7 Photo)

This season, With Jesus has attracted the most views on the SAT-7 KIDS YouTube channel. With Jesus has also caught the attention of Mirna,* an Egyptian schoolgirl. The hosts were explaining how to be an ambassador for Christ at school. Mirna was not sure how to relate to Sara,* a classmate from a different background. Not long after watching the episode, Mirna saw Sara being bullied at school and stood up for her in front of the bullies. The two girls formed a special bond and became close friends.

With Jesus is designed for 8- to 14-year-olds, but it is also touching adults. One of Mariam’s* worst fears came true when her husband left her and took their daughter with him. During a live episode of With Jesus, she decided to call the show and request prayer. The team prayed with Mariam on-air. A few stressful weeks later, Mariam’s husband and beloved daughter returned home to her.

Produced by Mounir Zakhary and directed by Marian Ramsis, the first season of With Jesus includes 16 episodes lasting 55 minutes each. Hosted by Mina and Michelle and the Prayer Service Team for Kids, as many as 18 people are in front of the camera at one time. This creates an atmosphere full of activity and energy.

Please pray that God will continue to use With Jesus to minister to children who so desperately need the comfort and nurturing of the Holy Spirit.

Want to make a difference? Click here. Each episode of With Jesus costs $1,800 to produce. Your gift today supports With Jesus and similar programs, reaching over 9.25 million children each week.