Keys for Kids looking out for your kids

Keys for Kids radio carries the same great programming as CBH (Image courtesy of Keys for Kids)

Keys for Kids radio carries
the same great programming as CBH.
(Image courtesy of Keys for Kids)

USA (MNN) — It’s hard to monitor what children see and hear these days. Even when children spend free time on age-appropriate activities, they can run across dangerous messages. These are often found in suggestive commercials for adult cartoons airing later that evening, banner ads on Web sites, or mature advertisements on internet radio. It’s impossible to protect your child from that, and it’s important to be able to discuss worldly dangers in a healthy manner.

But shouldn’t there be a place where you, as a parent, don’t have to worry about what your child encounters?

Keys for Kids is that place. Keys for Kids provides access to wholesome, uplifting content for your child 24/7 through internet radio.

Terre Ritchie of Keys for Kids says, “We want it to be available around the world 24 hours a day. I have kids that are missionaries in Romania, and they can listen any time they want to just by turning on their radio.”

Not only does internet radio provide versatility for your child to fit into their schedule and location, but it is a safe place for them to spend time with God.

Keys for Kids is focused on giving your child relevant and important information about what it means to live like Christ.

Ritchie says, “Our ministry has done that for 73 years. And there’s a great need, especially right now, for parents to be able to push that button and know for sure that there’s not going to be anything on that radio station that is going to be something they don’t want their kids to hear.”

There are no commercials on the radio, and no links to other Web sites. All your kids will hear is great music, dramas with Christian principles taught, and introductions to programs.

Ritchie says, “Everything we do is based around the Gospel of Jesus Christ [and] the opportunity to tell children about that. It seems like the window is closing a little bit because of all the other entertainment that’s available for children. But children love stories.”

It’s not common for children to just sit and listen to radio anymore. But it is common for them to multi-task. They can listen to it while they do their homework, work on a project, or get ready for bed.

“We’ve tried to make all these Christian programs available so that the kids can listen to the stories from God’s Word in a unique and different way,” Ritchie says.

The internet radio site is set to launch October 23rd. Until then, Keys for Kids has a lot of work to do in preparation.

“We would really, really appreciate your prayers. And as far as giving to help us launch this and get it off the ground, we are always willing to accept donations,” Ritchie says.

The Web site for the radio station will be  Help support Keys for Kids financially here.