Jesus Heals The Nations

We are Jesus Heals the Nations, currently serving as missionaries in Puerto Rico. We carry an 11 foot cross everywhere we go, to give God’s love, and message of grace and mercy, freedom and forgiveness, to those who haven’t felt love, and to save those who don’t see salvation, or life, to be possible. We are called to carry the cross in every Nation to bring God’s limitless love, the Gospel, salvation, and healing to the very greatest and to the very least. In every Nation we go with Jesus, we plan to blanket those Nations with churches through church planting, disciples with discipleship training, and the word of God through Bible studies so all His beloved children can come back to Him as one family in Christ Jesus and never depart from Him.

We have trusted God for everything and seen events that have happened in the Bible manifest before our very eyes. We gave up our businesses, best paying jobs of our lives, and our real estate properties to follow Jesus. We left with nothing and Jesus has sustained us for almost three years now. We put ourselves behind the very last person on Earth because we are not any better than them, because it is God’s perfect way to provide for us and help those that could have been passed by. God is our Father and we are all His children.

Jesus loves you, we love you and Jesus will heal all nations.

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