The Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation is a Christian organization working together with church leaders in the community of Marbial. We offer leadership development, financial, educational and medical assistance to the local communities. And while these communities are the focus of our efforts, our outreach extends to others areas, wherever the need arises. We created the Jeff Cherubin Domond Foundation to celebrate Jeff’s life. In his memory, we formed this foundation to create real and lasting changes in the lives of children living in the rural communities of Marbial, Haiti.

These children, whom might otherwise be forgotten, are in desperate need of the most basic essentials of life, such as nutritious foods, educational tools and medical assistance. By enriching their lives we ensure that Jeff’s spirit lives on through the gifts of service and fellowship to our fellow man.

As Christians, we serve anyone in need, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Our goal is to eradicate the plight of poverty one child, one family or one community at a time. With your generous support, contributions and prayers we can make poverty a thing of the past. We can erase the desperation and hopelessness that threatens the dreams and aspirations of the children living in Marbial and other parts of our Haiti.

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