ISIS steps up persecution of Christians in al-Raqaa

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Syria (MNN) — The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is sending stronger threats to Christians in al-Raqqa, Syria. A Syrian pastor recently told E3 Partners about a brutal ISIS killing that was used to send a message to the broader community.

The terrorists hung a believer on a cross in the town square, with a sign claiming “the rule of retribution on those who fought against Allah and the Messenger of Allah and sought amok under the Islamic state.”

This effectively tells all Raqaa Christians that “this will be your fate if you don’t abide by our rules.”

See the original post on E3’s 8thirty8 Facebook page.

“For this believer in particular, they lied and said he killed a Muslim in order to steal his money and crucify him on a cross,” the Facebook post reads.

Earlier this month, ISIS issued a three-sided ultimatum to the Christian community in Raqaa: convert to Islam, pay our tax, or die.  

ISIS, also known as Da’ash, is doing all they can to drive believers out of Raqaa. Christians once comprised approximately 1% of the city’s 300,000 people, but it’s unknown how many are still there. Church burnings, crucifixions, and ISIS threats have driven many believers out of Raqaa. Or, they’re taking their faith even further underground than it was previously.

Please pray for believers in Syria today. Ask the Lord to encourage and protect His people in Raqaa and throughout the war-torn country.

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