Iraq ISIS crisis: you can make a difference

(Photo courtesy Flickr/CC/Quapan)

(Photo courtesy Flickr/CC/Quapan)

Iraq (MNN) — Iraqi Christians are taking up arms to fight the Islamic State.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the militia’s goal is to re-take Christian villages from ISIS control and protect them from future invasions. Around 500 recruits will be trained this month, and over 2,000 men have signed up.

In the meantime, Advancing Native Missions is filling another humanitarian aid container with winter supplies for Iraqi refugees.

“Everybody there has lost everything, literally everything. Many of them have seen family members–including children–killed in front of their eyes by ISIS,” says ANM’s John Parker.

Helping refugees in Iraq

ANM stands alongside the work of native missionaries in more than 80 countries. When the Islamic State began its campaign of terror last summer in northern Iraq, Christians began opening their homes to people fleeing the violence.

They are Iraq. God cares.

(Photo credit ANM)

ANM’s partners are equipping these believers and churches to welcome and care for the displaced. As their partners relay urgent needs from the field, ANM mobilizes resources.

Last fall, ANM packed a container full of winter supplies and shipped it to their partners to distribute in nearby refugee camps.

“A lot of it was winter coats and blankets, shoes, sweatshirts, heavy socks–those kinds of things,” explains Parker.

Check out pictures of the distribution on ANM’s Web site.

As ANM’s partners give supplies to refugees, they tell them about Jesus and His love. People from Muslim backgrounds are becoming more open to Christianity, and during the latest distribution, two Muslim families accepted Christ.

“It makes them really see that Christianity is for real, and you know, that’s how Jesus did it, too: He met needs,” Parker observes.

Take action

The purpose of this story is two-fold: first, it’s intended to inform you about what’s happening in Iraq. Secondly, this story is intended to be a launchpad.

“At Advancing Native Missions, we feel very strongly about engaging the average person in the pew to get involved, because every little bit helps,” says Parker. “If everybody out there sent $10–just $10, we could really do a lot.”

Through partnership, he explains, ANM is able to stretch a dollar.

“When you send us funds, we can greatly leverage them. We can turn a dollar sometimes all the way up to $40 or $50-worth of product.”

So, want to help ANM fill their next container? Click here.

“As long as these avenues are open to these people, we’re going to ship containers,” Parker states.

“That’s what we do as Christians. When we all work together, God can do great things.”