International Orphan Care

International Orphan Care (IOC) founded in 1993 and headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, is a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan orphans. Through your donations, we can help feed, educate, and better their lives.

Our goal is to enable and empower them so they reach their goals and live fulfilling lives.

We provide education and global welfare to orphans around the world. We train our volunteers to raise funds through donor support, while collaborating with other humanitarian organizations that also provide orphans’ food, shelter, education and healthcare. Our goal is to enable orphans to lead fulfilling lives.

Here are two or our current programs.

Massoma Hassan established the Payam-e Danesh,“Message of Knowledge”, School in Herat in March of 2010. Payam-e-Danesh is registered with the Afghanistan Education Ministry. There are currently 40 orphaned children attending classes at our school. We hope to expand with the help of donors like you so our children continue their education onto upper grades where they will acquire math, science computer, and tailoring skills. We also offer literacy courses to adoptive mothers as well! We feel it’s equally important for mothers to be able to communicate and reinforce concepts learned at school, at home.

The Mir Mohammad Youssof Vocational School near Kabul has 190 enrolled students. Co-education classes are offered. There are eight classrooms, along with separate restroom facilities and a medical clinic that was added in 2005 with the help of Relief International. We’re hopeful that as additional facilities are constructed and annual donor commitments are received, the number of students will increase.

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