“I had no friends”

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For children affected by conflict and disaster, back-to-school season means getting back to basics: making friends, feeling safe.

See how 15-year-old Deng in South Sudan found friendship and safety … and is able to keep his dreams alive.

For me, back-to-school season has always been a bit of a nightmare.

Tension builds in July when the back-to-school supplies begin their blockade of the supermarket aisles.

I know the kids need these supplies. My sister is a teacher. She always has to supplement her classroom with necessities, paying from her own pocket.

It’s just the variety that confounds me.

Glue or glue sticks? Lead or mechanical pencils?

The thickness of binders—is 1 inch too thin? So many colors.

And college- versus wide-ruled paper has always thrown me for a loop.