Hearts Of Cheer Ministry

We are called to share the Love of Christ to all people, all nations and all the world. We are called hearts of cheer ministry and our goals is to bring hope, As the war happened in the Congo it destroyed many lives and it made many people think negatively. Instead of loving each other, they started to hurt and kill each other. The Love, possessions, hope and forgiveness was taken from the people.

Congolese people are very special, vibrant, ambitious and resilient people. We want to see them being taught in the ways of God and preach and teach the good news around the country. We want them to spread the word in places where the enemy has killed, stolen and destroyed the wealth of this nation. We want to see Congolese people reaching out as disciples flooding this big nation, with more than 77 million people, with the good news. With the help of body of Christ from different parts of the world, we can help this amazing country understand who Christ is and what He can do for this country.

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