Global Aid Network packing event brings hope

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

USA (MNN) — Sometimes missions can seem impersonal when you’re participating from a distance.

It’s nice to have experiences that ground you and remind you that your help is valuable and effective. This is especially true at this time when we clearly see no place untouched by violence, natural disasters, or sinister trends of greed and selfishness.

Global Aid Network USA puts on a special event twice a year that allows you to get involved in a tangible way, but you don’t even have to leave the country. Let’s face it, that’s not everyone’s calling.

This event combines two very important ways to get involved in missions: giving and going. GAIN is asking you to join them in Pennsylvania October 13-18, 2014 to pack boxes with humanitarian aid for those around the world who need hope the most.

These boxes are filled with blankets, clothing, food, and agricultural supplies. Where are they going?

They’re headed to families, villages, and people groups who are in great need–and often great danger.

The boxes are headed to the Syrian refugee family who has been broken apart by war, violence, and starvation. The boxes are headed to countries and people struggling to get back on their feet years after a natural disaster. They’re going to places where children will freeze to death if they don’t get warm clothes or a blanket.

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

(Photo courtesy Global Aid Network)

For GAIN, it’s all about fulfilling the Great Commission. The boxes, which are distributed by partners on the ground, provide a catalyst for discussion about God and what His salvation means.

After each box is packed, the group who packed it will pray over it, asking God to impact it’s recipients in a positive way.

The packing event next week is a great way to get your youth group, church, or family involved in a mission-support activity.

For information on how to sign up, click here.

As always, your prayers are vital to mission work. Pray that these boxes will touch the lives of hurting people that are all too often forgotten.

Click here for some other ways you can help GAIN as well.