Give thanks—part 2: Black Friday

Post Summary: 

In his two-part Thanksgiving series, World Vision USA president Rich Stearns reflects on his recent trip to Bangladesh. Read Part 1 here.

On this trip, Rich met Reshma, who will be bought and sold a dozen times today, on Black Friday, as a sex worker.

Read about the two bright spots in her life, and how World Vision is working to help her.

I love the day after Thanksgiving—for me it marks the beginning of the Christmas season and a reminder of the coming of our Savior. Of course, we also know this day as Black Friday, representing the start of a mad rush of buying and selling. I think most of us are disturbed on some level by the commercialization of Christmas. But after just getting back from Bangladesh, I can’t help but think of something much worse: the commercialization of human beings. 


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