Gift shopping for mom?

Photo by India Partners.

(Photo by India Partners)

India (MNN) — Mother’s Day sales are everywhere. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for their mom.

Want to give your mom something special this Mother’s Day?

India Partners gives you the opportunity to honor and thank your mother by giving a gift that can change the lives of women and families around the world.

India Partners’ tailoring programs teach underprivileged women how to sew.

The women are trained in six months and then find work to support their families.

“This is an opportunity to honor your mom by helping a young woman or widow participate in a tailoring school free of charge, where they get up to 6 months of training in sewing skills,” says Donna Glass with India Partners. “When they graduate, they receive a treadle sewing machine so they can start their own home business.”

With less than half of India’s women illiterate, India Partners provide hope to the poorest of the poor.

“If they did not have this program–this opportunity to learn a trade, they might end up on the streets. They might end up trafficked. Or they end up as day laborers, [doing] very strenuous work, and their children are left at home without anybody to care for them,” says Glass.

The best part about the sewing program is that women learn about the salvation of Jesus Christ.

“Churches are set up with sewing machines, and these women come and learn so they are actually within the church building; then they hear the gospel as they go through their training,” says Glass. “Many of them accept Christ and then bring their families to church, so it really has a significant change for many people.”

Visit the India Partners Web site to make a difference in India and honor your mom.

Pray that the women will find hope in Christ. Pray that they will see their value in Christ through the work they create with the sewing machines.