Fun Zone partnership yields fruit through ministry in Sochi

SOAR International's Richard Page at the Fun Zone in Sochi, Russia (photo by Greg Yoder)

SOAR International’s Richard Page at the Fun Zone
in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Greg Yoder)

Russia (MNN) — Partnerships. Unity. Cooperation. Sharing. All of these words are important when it comes to proclaiming Christ to the world. This couldn’t have been more true in Sochi, Russia as organizations, churches, and Christians worldwide worked together to establish a beach-head for ministry in Sochi, the home of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Richard Page with SOAR International Ministries says many organizations did something, sharing their resources, abilities, and finances. SOAR International provided the tents needed to help house the Fun Zones. They also purchased sound equipment, televisions, and more to make watching the Olympics in the Fun Zone successful.

Russian Ministries also played a part in its success, says Vice President Wally Kulakoff. “Russian Ministries together with the Gideons International of Canada have provided literature: a magazine called ‘Hope,’ the New Testament in Russian and English, and the Gospel of John in Gospel in Russian and English.”

Russian Ministries' Wally Kulakoff with SOAR International's Richard Page at the Fun Zone in Sochi (photo by Greg Yoder).

Russian Ministries’ Wally Kulakoff with SOAR International’s Richard Page at the Fun Zone in Sochi.
(Photo by Greg Yoder)

Kulakoff says this could be a major breakthrough for Russia’s evangelical church. “Russia has been divided through denominations and missions and purpose and goals. And what I see here today is unprecedented. To me, this is so encouraging to know that in Russia, mission organizations can work together and work hand-in-hand, and not just five fingers doing different things.”

Russian Ministries’ stop was just one of many on a marathon trip across Russia in sharing the Gospel with those who are searching. Kulakoff says they were successful. “On a daily basis, we were able to distribute about 2,000 to 3,000 pieces of Scripture. We’ve been able to pray with people.”

It was even successful in their limited time at the Fun Zone in Sochi. “One lady had rededicated her life because she had been so far from God. A friend of mine prayed with an individual to receive Jesus Christ, right here now, this afternoon. This is exciting for me.”

Kulakoff says this was effective. “On an average, we have about 10 people make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Some make rededications. ”

There seems to be an openness in Russia, added Kulakoff. “To reform Russia, to bring about spiritual reformation in this part of the world, they need God’s Word.”

The SOAR International Tent has been the attraction. Kulakoff says as residents, national and international visitors stop by to investigate, they’ll see something different. “The love that the people are seeing here, the Russian. They’re saying, ‘these people are different from what people are in Sochi.'”

Russian Ministries will be heading to Moscow to do more outreach. SOAR International and the rest of the international team will continue with the Fun Zone through the end of the Winter Olympics. Funding is needed to help with higher than expected costs associated with the Olympics.

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