From famine to harvest

Post Summary: 

30 years ago, a severe drought and famine struck Ethiopia, and within five years, World Vision’s relief work there had become one of the best examples of our development model.

But the impact of our work became more than a famine-to-harvest story. As we mark 30 years of progress in Ethiopia’s Antsokia Valley, read how that work also led to a deeper kind of transformation.

There are places so special that World Vision considers them akin to sacred ground. Antsokia Valley, in Ethiopia’s highlands, is one of those places.

I was there in 2004 and can attest that it’s a visual feast: boys preside over maize fields, employing slingshots to shoo birds away; mountain-fresh water rushes through irrigation canals along the valley basin; lambs trot down dirt roads, their tails swinging adorably.


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