Find joy in praying


Int’l (MNN) — With Christmas comes joy for most of us, but not for everyone worldwide.

Dyann Romeijn from Vision Beyond Borders explains, “This Christmas season, we’re asking people to truly pray for the persecuted church, to reach out to them, to give Bibles and supplies that they need. And then also to be able to go and actually deliver those supplies. We need people to carry the Bibles across closed borders. For us as Americans, there’s very little risk involved. For them, if they are caught with the Bible, they can go to prison, or actually even be killed. So it’s our responsibility as Americans, when we have little risk involved, to be able to go and get those to them.”

And as prayer goes out for the persecuted church, prayer for persecuted Christians should follow.

Romeijn continues, “Most of the Christians over there, they don’t ask for their persecution to be decreased or released. They ask for stronger backs to endure. And so, pray they would stand strong amidst the persecution and that it would be used to glorify God, to make His name known among the nations. That truly is their desire: that His name would be made great, that they would endure for His name’s sake, and that it would be used for His glory.”

Yes, we can enjoy Christmas with family and friends and celebrate Christ’s birth. We as believers simply cannot forget about our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who don’t have the freedom to celebrate. Pray that the persecuted stay safe this Christmas season and continue to stand strong in their faith.