ECM International directors to step down

Lorella and John (Photo courtesy of Lorella Rouster)

Lorella and John (Photo courtesy of Lorella Rouster)

Africa (MNN) — When you’ve poured almost 30 years of your life into a mission, it can be difficult to let go.

But John and Lorella Rouster of Every Child Ministries have been seeking God’s will and know that it’s time to step down from leadership.

Lorella Rouster shares her thoughts about this transition.

“We helped found Every Child Ministries with the help of some Christian friends 29 years ago. We love this mission; we never planned to do anything else. But we just see that we’re at the point where we can work more effectively, perhaps, in different positions other than the top leadership,” she says.

The transition in leadership will take place at the end of 2014. Mark Luckey, a missionary currently serving with his family in Uganda, will become ECM’s international director.

“It’s all about keeping ECM strong by ensuring that the organization has strong leadership. We’re strong in vision and certainly strong in commitment, perhaps strong in faith; but increasingly we are not so strong in body,” says Lorella.

While the Rousters know this is God’s calling upon their lives at this time, they are happy to stay involved and help where they can..

“We still plan to stay very involved, still plan to continue using everything God gives us for this mission. But we’ll let the new leadership take the international helm.”

The Rousters and ECM prayed for a long time for God’s discernment in choosing a new leader. While there were many good options, it seemed that Mark Luckey was the best choice. Not only is he experienced on the mission field, but God made it clear through His timing that Mark was to be the next leader. While the Rousters are ready to step down as international directors, the Luckeys feel called to move back to the United States.

Lorella says, “We look forward to even greater things in the days ahead. We believe the organization will be stronger. It will be able to reach more African children for Jesus through this move.”

Though she is not nervous about the transition, Lorella anticipates some challenges and difficulties that are normal with any transition process.

She says, “Just pray for a smooth transition, and just pray that the organization will remain strong and will be able to lead many children to Jesus.”

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