Ebola impacts missions in 2014

(Photo courtesy Evangelical Free Church)

(Photo courtesy Evangelical Free Church)

Liberia (MNN) — The Ebola crisis was an important story in the missions world in 2014. Medical missionaries with SIM International Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol contracted the deadly disease and were evacuated from Liberia to be treated in the United States. Both recovered.

The disease has killed nearly 3400 people.

EFCA Global Fingerprints Liberia Coordinator Peggy Maynard has work in Liberia. She says, “We’re very thankful that the rate of infections does seem to be slowing, and we pray that it will continue. However, I don’t want people to think that the crisis in Liberia is over, because it isn’t by a long shot.”

Unemployment rates and food prices are high. The health care system is shattered. Plus, there’s an orphan crisis.

Global Fingerprints has established a response fund. They’re opening a temporary orphanage.

A new plan has emerged out of the crisis. “Church partners in Liberia have a plan to plant 50 new churches by January because they’re seeking answers about life, and they’re open to the Gospel.”

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