Donations help Christian refugees in Iraq

Iraq (E3P) — Editor’s Note: This is in response to the assault on Erbil launched by ISIS. The church has been instrumental in caring for the refugees, but they’re struggling to keep up.

Our brothers and sisters in Iraq are being killed and tortured by the Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS (recently renamed The Islamic State). ISIS is so blood thirsty and fanatical that Al-Qaeda recently broke ties with them for being too extreme.

After Mosul fell to ISIS, all residents were required to reveal if they were Muslim or Christian. Christians in Mosul, which is the ancient city of Nineveh, had the Arabic letter “N” spray painted on their homes by ISIS. What does the “N” stand for? It stands for “Nazarene,” or literally “of Nazareth” for Jesus of Nazareth.

After it was determined who the Christians were, their houses were spray painted with signs: “This House is Now Property of the Islamic State.” An announcement was then made over Mosque loudspeakers: “Today is the day you must choose to convert to Islam, pay the jizya tax, die, or leave.”

Photo Courtesy Pure Charity and e3 Partners

Photo Courtesy Pure Charity and e3 Partners

Christian families left en masse, allowed only to take the clothes on their backs. Baby diapers and formula were confiscated, and the sick were not allowed to take medication. Everything was left behind. As a final insult, all married women were ordered to leave their wedding rings, or lose their finger.

The Christian refugees from Mosul headed for Kurdish-controlled areas like the city of Erbil. Later on, ISIS bragged about it on twitter claiming that they “humiliated the Christians.” They also boasted, “Mosul is Christian Free!”

So what do we do? Do we just sit back and let this happen? E3 Partners says no! Their leaders are welcoming these refugees into the Kurdish cities to which they’ve been exiled. Here is how you can help. They need food, clothes, and other necessities right now. Make a donation today, and E3 Partners will safely get the funds to their Iraqi leaders immediately who are standing by, praying, and waiting to help.

E3 Partners leaders in Iraq are not only addressing the physical needs of the displaced Christians, but they’re addressing the spiritual needs as well. Daniel, E3 Iraqi director, has scheduled a training this week with 30 Mosul refugees to teach them to share their faith and plant house churches Most people are heading for the hills, but he is training them to share the gospel and start groups. Jesus is moving in the midst of all the evil.

This secure Web site has been set up specifically to help refugees in Iraq.