Divya Shanthi Ministries

Divya Shanthi Ministries serves the mentally handicapped and mentally ill in Bangarapet taluk of Kolar District in Karnataka State in South India. We make a  difference in the lives of children who have no or little family or outside support. Changing lives of children trapped in poverty and families trapped and excluded from opportunities to better their lives, to experience normal healthy lives, to have financial security, to have adequate shelter and regular income. We have schools, community schools, and home work clubs that are designed to make a difference and change the lives of children and families. We have done this for over 40 years and have changed the lives of thousands of children and hundreds of families.

Our Vocational training is designed to help young people to enter employment and enhances their earning potential.They are integrally connecting with our business activities that produce quality products for the market local and overseas. And our Micro Enterprise Program is intended to give financial security to families who struggle to pay the rent for their small houses, to pay their children’s school fees, to feed their families two good meals a day.

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