Day 8: Cooking for better nutrition in Zambia

Post Summary: 

In the past year, climate change has brought less rain to southern Zambia, causing families to struggle to feed their children with their meager crops.

World Vision is training mothers on ways to increase the nutritional value of the foods they feed their children, which has limited the number of children suffering from malnutrition.

Just off the dirt road, in the shade of a tall old tree, a group of women gathers. One woman takes some green leafy vegetables, washes them, and then hands them to another woman who begins pounding the greens.

Over a small open fire, a tin pot bubbles with a Cream of Wheat-looking mixture. It’s “mealie meal,” a porridge made of finely ground corn. When the greens are pounded to a paste, the women add them to the pot. Another batch of mealie meal cools, and the women stir in an egg yolk and sprinkle in a few ground groundnuts, or peanuts.


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