Day 11: Melisa, a sponsored child with a special spark

Post Summary: 

Melisa in Guatemala is 12 and the second oldest of 6. She loves being a big sister and helping her family: walking her siblings to school each morning and feeding the animals her family has received from World Vision.

That’s why she’s so grateful for World Vision’s support – to watch her family grow with the nourishment from farm animals and for them to attend better schools and have the supplies they need!

Read about how she is a growing light for her brothers and sisters, and her whole community!

There’s something special about Melisa. All children are special, but Melisa has this spark you can’t help but notice.

She is unusually articulate for a 12-year-old, a loving older sister, and compassionately aware of the people in her community and the challenges they face. She is instantly likeable, but not because she is putting on a show. She is quietly confident, with a shy-but-warm smile.


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