Day 10: Peace like a river

Post Summary: 

When last winter arrived, the water pipes in Teena’s home in West Virginia burst, leaving her and her family without water or the means to fix them … for eight months.

This fall, missions teams through World Vision’s U.S. Programs came and fixed her water system, bringing peace, a river of water, shouts of joy from her sons, and tears of joy from Teena!

This is their story.

Every now and then, Teena Freeze walks to the kitchen sink in her century-old farmhouse and turns on the tap, “just to see the water come out.”

“I don’t waste too much of it,” she says. “I just check to make sure that it’s real.”

If her reassurance ritual seems odd, consider what Teena’s family endured in 2014: “We went from the second week of January through the middle of September without running water in the house.”


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