Dale Kietzman: an unsung hero

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Dale Kietzman speaking at WCIU in 2011.
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USA (MNN) — Your prayers are needed for the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Dale Kietzman. The 90-year-old unsung missions hero passed away in his sleep Thursday and, according to ASSIST News, will be celebrated and remembered with honor at a memorial service next month.

Dr. Dale Kietzman may be a generation or two outside your frame of reference, but he was a foundational figure nonetheless.

“Because of his work and the work of his colleagues, millions of people can now hear God speak their language,” says Wycliffe USA President and CEO Bob Creson.

“When Dale Kietzman gets to heaven, he’s going to have a room in someone else’s house, because his house will be so filled up with rewards,” the U.S. Center for World Mission’s William Kelley told ASSIST News in 2001.

Growing God’s Kingdom

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(LinkedIn profile picture of Dale Kietzman)

Since stepping onto the mission field with Wycliffe as Bible translator in 1946, Kietzman has been growing God’s Kingdom in South America and around the world.

“Dale first worked in Mexico and then in Peru. Wycliffe founder William Cameron Townsend (Uncle Cam) chose Dale to go to Brazil to open our work in that country,” says Steve Sheldon, who’s been on staff with Wycliffe USA since 1964.

“He cultivated excellent relationships with academic and other leaders in Brazil, which served us well as we worked to provide Scripture for the various language groups in that country.”

Arlo Heinrichs, another Wycliffe USA translator, began working under Keitzman’s leadership in 1959.

“It was Dale’s vision that developed the way the Brazil team moved forward to translate the Bible into 43 different languages at the time,” says Heinrichs. “Dale had extraordinary organizational skills.”

Those skills, paired with Keitzman’s aptitude as a visionary, made a powerful combination. Not only did Keitzman lead Wycliffe teams in the field, he also helped start some of today’s most influential mission groups — Wycliffe Associates and Open Doors USA, to name a few — along with 30 U.S. non-profit groups.

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

In addition, Dr. Dale Kietzman spent a few years teaching intercultural communication at the William Carey International University. He also played a key part in arranging evangelist Billy Graham’s first trip to North Korea in 1992.

Graham became the first foreign religious leader to preach in Pyongyang, the heart of North Korea.

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