Cordoba Immersions Camp

Be a Camp Counselor in Argentina

Coming to Cordoba Immersions (Argentina) means: Being part of our all-in-English leadership camps with tons of games, sports, songs, team-building activities, and reflections; Using English as a powerful tool to serve God and be a model to thousands of kids and teenagers from different schools in Argentina; Meeting people from all over the country in one single place: Córdoba, one of the most touristic spots in Argentina; Traveling and knowing different places in Argentina while visiting our CI host schools; Learning about different cultures and lifestyles within our country.

This cultural experience is unique and vast. The culture is open which leads to new relationships that might request a personal visit to the cities in which the students live. Some CI counselors have had the opportunity to visit students and their families. The hope is to continue with our program (you will receive training on this) and to get to participate in their classes by sharing your experience and helping teachers with English lessons.

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