Claris shines

Post Summary: 

When World Vision staff writer Kari Costanza met 6-year-old Claris in Zambia last August, she met a very sad, tired little girl. Her weary mother told Kari, “She has to fetch water. She’s a girl.”

But just last Wednesday, Claris’s community received the miracle of clean water for the first time — and Claris began to shine! See her now…

In August, I spent the day at one of the most hideous water sources I’d ever seen. This water was dirty.

A dog had recently drowned there while drinking water from the hole. No one knew it had happened until dog fur floated to the surface of the water. That’s when villagers poked around the bottom of the hole with a long stick and found the remains of the dog, caught under a tree root.

They were sickened.


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