Children safe following South Sudan attack

Kids Alive work in Sudan.

Kids Alive work in Sudan.

South Sudan (MNN) — Gun fights reportedly broke out over the last couple of days in a previously quiet area of South Sudan, the city of Wau. Casualties are still not being reported. Authorities believe the gunfire was a result of a defection within the army in the region. Whatever the case, Christians are anxious.

Matt Parker with Kids Alive International says they have work in Wau. “There has been very little conflict in the town of Wau. We have a children’s home there. We have a community program there. There has been tension between different tribes, but up until the last few days, there has not been any actual violence.”

That all changed over the weekend, Parker says. “The rebels attacked a military base on the outskirts of town. The fighting spread toward the airport.” While it was contained, there’s concern there will be an upsurge in violence in the days ahead.

Parker says this violence has a lot of people scared. “A lot of people now are trying to get into the UN compound that is in Wau, fearing that there will be an escalation.”

Kids Alive is doing what they can. “We’re monitoring the situation very carefully,and the leadership team there is assessing different options. If the fighting should spread, our priority is the kids.”

Kids Alive has a couple of compounds. Parker says, “At the moment, all of our residential children are at one of those. There’s a possibility we might be able to move those to another compound if that’s in a safer area.”

While the situation is difficult, Parker says they’re using it to teach children life lessons. “We’re taking this opportunity to share with them that we can trust in the Lord and to encourage them to keep their eyes on Him at all times and in every circumstance.”

Parker is asking you pray for safety and for all Christian organizations working in South Sudan trying to meet the needs of refugees and showing the love of Christ to hurting communities.

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