Childhood games and Small Group Ministry

“Rock-paper-scissors” by Enzoklop – Own work.

China (MNN) — “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” It’s one of those beloved childhood games taught and played on a seemingly-worldwide scale. Did you know it’s also a successful teaching method?

China Partner ministry leaders kicked off their summer in China’s Hubei Province with training seminars on Pastoral Care, Homiletics, and Small Group Ministry. The group conducts these seminars for Christian leaders in partnership with registered Bible schools and churches, under the auspices of the China Christian Council.

Although many lay pastors and church leaders in China understand the concept of Small Group studies, they don’t know how to use them for discipleship training. But thanks to childhood games and practical application, 120 leaders are now ready to put what they’ve learned into action.

“This training was a very big help,” wrote one participant in his evaluation. “We will establish small group meetings…and we would like, through this [training], to operate well. If God permits, we can do it.”

China Partner trainers didn’t just teach church leaders about Small Group Ministry. They let pastors and leaders experience the concepts for themselves.

Small Group Ministry training.  (Image courtesy China Partner)

Small Group Ministry training.
(Image courtesy China Partner)

In groups of eight, “students” performed team-bonding activities and small group discussions throughout each training session. They began to see how their congregations can grow toward God, build godly relationships with one another, and reach nonbelievers through this model.

See how Jolly Ranchers candy fits into the mix.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” in this setting is more than a childhood game. It is a tool that helps church leaders grasp the power of the small group model. In the same way, your prayers and financial support for these leaders is more than words and money. They are tools to empower these Chinese leaders to reach their part of the world with the life-changing message of Christ.

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Pray that the China Partners training sinks in and helps the leaders turn nominal Christians into disciples. China Partner also requests prayer for the following:

  • Pray for Linda as she serves at an English Camp in Zigong, Sichuan province, July 26 – Aug 10. Pray for a good team spirit, for safety during the trip and most importantly, for God to draw young Chinese students to Himself during the camp.
  • Pray for Daniel Hsu, Director of Training, as he makes final preparations for an upcoming pastoral training ministry trip in October.
  • Pray for Sherry Koller as she continues to serve in the China Partner office taking care of many important details which allow for effective ministry in China.

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