Ceasefire not completely holding in Ukraine

Ukraine (MNN) — Despite a ceasefire agreement, fighting continues in at least one area of Ukraine.

The key city of Debaltseve continues seeing intense fighting as militant leaders say the agreement doesn’t apply to that town. Ukrainian authorities say five security forces were killed and 25 were wounded in fighting with the separatists. Some question whether the ceasefire will hold.


Eric Mock in Ukraine visiting with displaced families.
(SGA Photo)

It’s quiet in most other areas, though, giving some hope for peace. Although the European Union is imposing additional sanctions against Russia, it may be short-lived. But, this peace may provide additional opportunities to provide spiritual and physical aid to those in need.

Joel Griffith with Slavic Gospel Association says, “We’ve helped provide tons of humanitarian aid for the churches there to distribute.”

This is giving local churches a platform for ministry. “As these teams of church leaders and pastors go out and distribute aid to some of the needy families and afflicted families, the opportunity for the Gospel is there. They distribute evangelistic literature as well as pray with people.”

The fighting has caused many churches to close down and congregations to leave to go to safer areas. Griffith says, “There have been some pastors and churches who have been displaced.” Even though they’re refugees, something good is happening. “When believers move on to other regions for safety purposes, they continue on ministering wherever they are.”

SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund provides the resources for this work. $15 pays for a food pack for a family, while $56 buys warm clothes. The Gospel is included in both cases.

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